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WSCCA Health and Safety Updates


Updated:  03/16/2020

Dear WSCCA Valued Member,


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has impacted all of our daily lives. Like you, we are monitoring the latest news about COVID-19. Our mission at the Washington State Cheer Coaches Association (WSCCA) is to educate our membership and provide resources.


As of 3/11/2020, Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s “Mandatory Measures” which coincide with the CDC are as follows:


Public events with more than 250 attendees are prohibited unless event organizers can take the following steps to minimize risk:

·      Urge anyone who is sick, aged 60 years old and older, and people with medical conditions not to attend.

·      Find ways to give people more physical space so that they aren’t in close contact as much as possible.

·      Screen employees and/or volunteers for symptoms.

·      Make sure people can wash their hands with soap and water or sanitizer.

·      Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects daily or more frequently.


The health of our student-athletes, coaches, school employees, and communities is our top priority. We took precautionary steps by postponing All-State indefinitely.


As the situation evolves, we will be CONTINUOUSLY assessing the information released and implementing preventative measures to ensure our membership’s wellbeing, including modifications regarding the College Combine and the Pacific Northwest Coaches Conference, set to take place May 29 -30, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington. Working with the Hyatt Regency and in the best interest of our organization’s members- student-athletes, coaches and affiliates, and our guest speakers and the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington’s hotel staff, we are taking precautionary measures for the 2020 College Combine and the Pacific Northwest Coaches Conference.


The hotel’s main event space that the WSCCA will use for the Pacific Northwest Coaches Conference is over 14,000 square feet and can hold over 2,000 people at an average of 7 square feet per person at maximum capacity. In preventive measures, the WSCCA is looking to cap the conference at 200 attendees, providing an average of 20-50 square feet per person per room of the entire conference banquet layout. For example, the smallest room and space that the WSCCA would use is 1,461 square feet with a maximum capacity of 70 people, yielding an average of 20 square feet per person for that room at max capacity. We are confident that the smallest room we will be using will not reach maximum capacity, providing over 20 square feet of space per person in the smallest area of venue space used.


We will also be taking extra preventative measures such as spacing out seating. For example, instead of seating the usual 10 people per round table, we will be seating only 4-5 people per round, providing more space per person.


At conference, we will be encouraging the practice of frequently washing hands with soap and water and/or the use of sanitizer, along with spatial distancing.


As schools’ physical locations are closed and districts work to provide online classes and continue education at this time, we understand that providing payment for conference through your school program may be difficult right now and/or in the near future. The WSCCA is allowing all attendees affected by school closures due to COVID-19 to register for conference and renew their annual WSCCA Membership, by payment of a non-refundable deposit of $25, contingent upon paying in full the remaining $150 conference fee by June 30, 2020. We are currently working to make this payment process available on our website soon and hope that this extended payment option will provide a reprieve from the potential upfront costs to our coaches should schools remain closed, and the school’s activity funding becomes inaccessible leading up to conference.


We understand that we are currently in an unimaginable situation in which there really are no proper words to describe. We are thinking of you and hoping for the best in this difficult time. We know that this time will pass, and when it does, we look forward to continuing to serve you and working with you as a more knowledgeable, more unified and stronger organization.


Thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate this challenging situation one day at a time and determine how to best continue serving our membership- you.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones.




The Washington State Cheer Coaches Association